Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Running Man: Episode 160, Internal Rankings

Betrayals are common instinct for Running Man members when playing games. In this episode, however, the staff decided to put an end to their betrayals and hold an official game to decide upon how the Running Man members should really be ranked so that they'd act nicely towards the better ranking people. The episode start with the Running Man members already being ranked from 1 to 7, according to seniority (when they debuted in the entertainment industry).

Jae Suk was ranked first, so he gets a prince-like treatment with the butler, the CCTV, and expensive stuff like food. 2. Ji Suk Jin. 3. Kim Jong Kook. 4. Haha 5. Song Ji Hyo. 6. Gary. 7. Lee Kwang Soo. The treatment gets worse according to their rankings and so Lee Kwang Soo, getting the lowest ranking, was brought to the basement where the set-up is like a dumpster with no seat available and food offered is just yanggaeng.

They were sort-of parodying the Korean movie (with Western actors and writer) Snowpiercer, thus the concept of the elevator replaced the train in the movie. Go Dong Wan FD of course dressed up again, this time as Mason of Snowpiercer and was called "TildaGo" because the actress who played Mason in the film was Tilda Swinton. Dong Wan FD was so funny because he even posed for the camera because he's proud of what he's wearing.

There were several games played so that each of them has the chance to challenge an upper-ranking member, first of which was a 1 on 1 name tag ripping game.

The first ranking person, Yoo Jae Suk, is having fun watching all the lower-ranking members fight for their ranks.

Poor wanko hyung, his first fight was with Kim Jong Kook in a name tag ripping game. Guess who won? Yep, no question about it, it's Kim Jong Kook.

Haha won Ji Hyo because he pretended to help her fix her clothes and then slyly ripped her name tag. Imagine Ji Hyo's wrath afterwards?

One of the funniest scenes in this episode was when Jong Kook faced with Jae Suk and upon entering the highest floor, Jae Suk welcomed Jong Kook with the words, "Hi, Muscles." It's just so funny for me that they're making fun of Jong Kook's muscles yet they're afraid of him once he makes use of it.

Next game was the hand-hitting game, this time the game includes the first rank. The last rank, Gary (he lost to Kwang Soo), does not get to participate in the games anymore because in every rank-changing game, the last placed member will be out of the games.


Kim Jong Kook winds up being first after beating (almost literally) Jae Suk in the hand-hitting game. The next game is the eggs roulette, where the person who gets the raw egg smashed onto their head, loses.

Luck is with Suk Jin, as he won against Ji Hyo, and Ji Hyo was then out. The next game is putting pants on without the use of hands and with the bonus appearance of the accupressure mats for added torture.

Haha won against Kim Jong Kook, and so he became first ranked without any loss. Jong Kook then battled against Jae Suk in a table tennis match with the use of everyday items. Jong Kook chose a fan as a racket while Jae Suk chose a frying pan.

Jong Kook won against Jae Suk, so he gets to play against Haha again. The last game to determine the final rankings in this round was a table tennis ball shooting game, with the use of a table tennis racket. The one who shoots the ball to the glass first, wins. We all know that Haha is good at shooting things because little as he might be, he's good in basketball. For that reason, he won this game (but of course Kim Jong Kook also almost won) and maintained his hard-earned position.

The final rankings for this round is what's shown above. Jae Suk and Gary changed places because Haha can change the rankings of the 3rd to the 7th place. They all get gold coins depending on their ranking on each round.

1st place lunch.

2nd place lunch.

3rd place lunch

4th & 5th place lunch

7th place lunch.

There was no single shot for the 6th place lunch but it was something like a hospital food or a lame cafeteria food I assume. This time, because Haha was annoyed with Jae Suk's satisfaction with being 7th place, he changed Kwang Soo and Jae Suk's ranking and so Kwang Soo was the one who ate the onigiri (rice ball).

A Monday Couple moment right here everyone. Gary gave some of his ham to Ji Hyo since he got so many. Aww. I even heard some member say that this time Gary was like a man to Ji Hyo since in Monday Couple, Gary was usually the receiving one. Hahaha, mean.

Again, depending on their ranks, they get either awesome cameras with VJs or just film themselves. First place to 4th place got their own VJs, and the 1st  & 2nd place even got awesome cameras, but from the fifth place, they only get to film themselves. Kwang Soo was even more pitiful because he doesn't get any camera but only a phone camera from one of the concerned staff, so if there's no decent recording of him, he will not appear in the show. Poor Kwang Soo.

Again, there's a distinction in the use of cars where 1st to 3rd rank gets to use a new model car, while the 4th to 7th rank uses an old car with malfunctioning air-conditioning and poor engine. What's funny was it is summer in Korea and they had to put up with the heat inside a car.

They headed to a somewhat far place in the mudflats and played a game there, again to decide on a new ranking. Kim Jong Kook reigned the rankings.

Haha, Kwang Soo, Jae Suk, and Ji Suk Jin rode the old car once again with much regret. 

While these three rode the luxurious car with air-condition.

Teehee, Monday Couple moment right there! Ji Hyo held Gary and Jong Kook's hands for added comfort in the air, while they rode a helicopter.

These low-ranking people are even more scared to ride the helicopter.

The last game to decide a ranking was a quiz game, where they will make use of their own knowledge for questions. The asker will get to choose one member to answer their question and if the answerer gets it wrong, the asker will get his or her position. If the answerer gets it right, then they maintain the position. The catch is that they will ride a banana boat and depending on the answers, the boats will automatically take off.

After counting the gold coins that they collected all throughout the games, their final rankings were decided. 1. Ji Hyo 2. Gary 3. Haha 4. Jong Kook 5. Jae Suk 6. Suk Jin 7. Kwang Soo.

After getting their rankings, they all went in a pirate ship, only to be robbed with all their gold coins by the pirates. They stayed there over night since they were also kidnapped.

In the morning, the pirates (Shinhwa) appeared. 

What's funny was the Running Man members' reactions. They were supposed to be afraid since they were robbed by pirates yet because of the way the pirates introduced themselves (very idol-like), they laughed and told them "no, you're Shinhwa." Poor Shinhwa pirates not taken too seriously. 

Everyone praised Eric on how good looking he became and that his pirate look suited him well. I agree too, and I'm not even a fan. He's gorgeous! *squeals*

Obviously, the next episode will be the pirates (Shinhwa minus Kim Dongwan) versus the Running Man members. Looking forward to these long-time, very experienced idols battle it with the strong Running Man members!