Saturday, February 2, 2013

Recently Watched Korean Movies. (Romantic Comedy)

I've recently watched many movies in just a month (January 2013) and many of these are from Korea. I've been watching Korean movies since I was in high school, all thanks to the internet. When school was on break, I've always watched Korean dramas and movies sometimes by myself or with a friend. What we do is we chat on Yahoo! Messenger then while watching the movie. We would know each other's reaction even though we are on each others' home. Funny huh? Well now, we still do it. In fact, most of the movies that I would be blabbering about are movies that we've watched together. I'll start with Romantic Comedy.

First is the movie Love On-air. I've always adored Korean rom-com movies because it's just different from Hollywood/Filipino films. I say that because Korean movies seems to offer different twists to romantic comedy. Now back to Love On-air. Another title for this movie is "Wonderful Radio." I had an interest to watch this movie a long time ago (when it was released) because of Lee Min Jung. However, when I discovered that Lee Kwang Soo is on this film and Kim Jong Kook and Kang Gary would cameo, I immediately downloaded it and watched. I resolved to provide a film review through pros and cons.

Pros: This movie can provide people with so much emotions. I cried hard, laughed hard, and got irritated (because of the characters). Simple storyline yet had the perfect way to tell the story.

Cons: I have to say this but as I've watched many romantic comedy films, I felt that this was just like any other. As I said earlier, the plot was simple and didn't have much excitement. Personally, I didn't like the romance side because I think that the story can stand even if the romance side was taken out. What the male lead did was not limited to love imo, his greatest contribution was not particularly romantic for me.

Recommend or not?
I do not recommend this for people who watches films often (like people who loves to critic) but if you just want a feel good film and if you like Lee Kwang Soo, go watch this.

Next is "Spellbound" or "Chilling Romance." This film is a mixed genre; a horror romantic comedy. Reason I watched? Just plain bored and looking for something different. Well, it's a mix of two genres that I like the most so why not? I watched it and I have definitely mixed reviews about this. The story depicted a woman who has an ability to see ghosts and got involved with a man who does magic for a living.

Pros: The idea of a horror romantic comedy was tackled in the film and that's one of its pros because I liked that it was an essential part of the plot. The actors portrayed their characters well. Not only did I love the plot, but also the characters. The male and female lead characters were powerful and so as the supporting ones.

Cons: Admittedly, I hated the horror parts of the film. But as I've said earlier, it was a core part of the plot and it cannot be taken away. I just hate cheap horror tricks (because I get scared alright!). Well you know what I mean about those tricks like the sounds and stuff. It comes between scenes and it shifts faster than one would expect. Nonetheless, I still like this movie.

Recommend or not?
I recommend this for people who want to watch something different. It is satisfying and it is indeed romantic. Not for those people who hates horror though.

Finally, the last movie that I would be talking about. "My Tutor Friend 2" is a bit older than those two previously mentioned movies. This is not a sequel to My Tutor Friend but it has a similar aspect; the tutor falls for the student or vice versa.

Pros: I like the overall idea of this film but I find the plot very basic to romantic comedies. Boy meets girl and falls in love given a situation. It's a safe movie to watch for romantic comedy lovers. Nevertheless, it still gives a fall-in-love feeling.

Cons: Overused main leads hate each other at first and falls in love afterwards. Bit of slow-paced for me. 

Recommend or not?
This film is probably what you watch when you are very bored and have nothing else to watch and you feel like watching some rom-com. Nonetheless, do not watch if you expect any good.

This ends the Romantic Comedy part of my Korean movie marathon last January. I shall write about my top 5 or top 10 (still can't decide) Rom-Com Korean films next time! Also the Korean thriller/horror films that I've watched last January~


  1. Do you have a link for the CHILLING ROMANCE movie?
    I really want to watch it. :)

    Thank you! :)

    1. I actually watched it in before it was shut down, because I don't have a copy but you can find it in torrent sites like piratebay. I looked for it in some streaming sites like but it isn't uploaded there yet. Maybe you can request it to them? Sorry if I wasn't much of a help. =.="

    2. it works on . I watched it there. ^_^